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Booger Shooter
Practice your marksmanship skills in a very unusual way. Aim and shoot as fast as you can.

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1 year ago
Teletubbies Kill
In this game you have to kill all the Teletubbies, you can use three different weapons the Sniper Rifle, Chainsaw and the Pistol.

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1 year ago
Blast your way to freedom!

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1 year ago
Chicken Termination
Hurry up ! terminate them now !!

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1 year ago
Bow Shooting
Hit all of the targets before the time runs out in this tricky archery challenge!

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1 year ago
Road Assault 2
No Description

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1 year ago
No Description

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11 months ago
Counter Strike Lite
Gun down all of your enemies in this online and free version of Counter Strike.

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6 months ago
Crazy Go Nuts 2
Shoot the squirrel out of the cannon to grab all the nuts as you ricochet him around the levels.

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3 months ago
Star Wars
\r\n \r\nYou are the commander of space ship with only mission – to save the galactic from evil forces. From level to level you will face different kinds of enemies, try to kill them all to earn as much money as you can to unlock new upgrades and equip your space ship with it. And don’t forget to use your rockets and special weapons.\r\n\r\n 

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2 years ago
Protect the fort and treasures from pirates. Don\'t allow you to plunder.

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2 years ago
Pearl Harbor 1941V3
Dec. 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor suddenly. You must take up weapon to protect your warship against the attack from air force of Japan.

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2 years ago
Imperial Warships
Enemies are going to attack your motherland. They send many ships. You are dispatched to operate the invincible Imperial Warships to distroy all their ships and stop their attack .

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2 years ago
Defense Is Duty
No Description

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1 year ago
360 Cannon
No Description

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1 year ago
No Description

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1 year ago
Pirate Bullets
No Description

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1 year ago
Mafia Kills
No Description

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1 year ago
Metal Slug Zombie Revenge
Metal Slug Zombie Revenge, Shoot the incoming zombies as fast as you can.

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1 year ago
Soakertag Elite
How quickly can you clear the field? Earn points by soaking your opponents.

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1 year ago
CS Zombies Sniper
The fierce resistance match

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1 year ago
Tactical shooting gameplays against the rebels.

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1 year ago
Destruction of structures made of blocks. All in accordance with the laws of physics.

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1 year ago
Heavy Gunner
No Description

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1 year ago
Mesh Cover Zombie
No Description

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11 months ago
A Simple Day
Go on a cool quest with a lot of adventures unfolding for an action packed game.

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6 months ago
Paintball Babes
Shoot the enemies when they appear. You must do it as fast as you can because they have guns too. If you dont shoot them they shoot you.

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3 months ago
Crop Defenders
Build an army of birds, maximize your damage per second, and set traps to fend off animals before they destroy your crops

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2 years ago
Christmas Chaos
Try to survive the horde of zombies.

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2 years ago
Bazooka Boy
Time to help Bazooka Boy explore the caves while looking for gold. Blow your way through the caves with your rocket launcher, collect gold and solve puzzles. Complete all 20 levels!

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2 years ago
Deus Racer II
Deus 2 is a driving/shooting game. You have to drive amadeus to the bosses and defeat them using different wepons. In the 5 level you can gain more wepons by destroing the boss and finishing the level.

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2 years ago
Snow Trouble
No Description

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1 year ago
Jack The Zombie
No Description

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1 year ago
GUNROX Valentine's Day Wars
No Description

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1 year ago
Math Pinball 3
No Description

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1 year ago
Fruit Bouncer
No Description

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1 year ago
Invaders EX
Simple shooting game. An endless shooting game.

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1 year ago
Gun Master Onslaught 1
Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible and destroy the enemy to earn points. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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1 year ago
Wild West
Cowboy shooting game

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1 year ago
They Came From Planet X!
Base #4432 has been attacked by the evil Planet X Alliance!

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1 year ago
Kill as many as you can and go crazy.

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1 year ago
S.W.A.T.: Death From Afar
No Description

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1 year ago
National Defense
No Description

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11 months ago
Pixel Gun 2
Blast your way through the enemy team after joining one of thousand online rooms.

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6 months ago
Bubble Shooter Level Pack
Bubble shooter level pack includes best features of a bubble shooter game as well as a list of challenging levels. One must complete a level in allowed time. Early you complete the level more you will get the highscore.

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3 months ago
PaperWolf: Training
Drive the wolf\'s motorcycle and avoid being hit by trashcans while delivering newspapers.\r\nThis was made in a rush for the january mochimedia contest.

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2 years ago
Arise And Die Again
* 9 kinds of weapon with differenrt ammo * 6 kinds of bonuses * hundreds of different zombies * horror, meat and blood

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2 years ago
Galactic 123 New Allies
Galactic 123 New Allies. A manga anime , action adventure scifi game with a plot. Go in an adventure to another planet to help some good aliens stop some bad aliens.rn---rn How to play: Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. SPACEBAR (or Z) to fire. Keys 1-3 to select weapon. H to heal (ground mode only). If you have unlocked / equipped any optional extra weapons in any of the episodes, you can access them with keys 4-7 (ground mode only). And checkpoints are your friends! If you lose, you will return to the last checkpoint, not to the beginning of the game! (They also replenish your health and weapons) --- 12

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2 years ago
Bubble Factor
Match the music fans to move through the levels as you progress from Karaoke singer to the World Stage. Cool power ups and 16 levels will keep you playing for ages!This game is fun to play, looks great and has a cool soundtrack!

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2 years ago
Super Sergeant Shooter 2
No Description

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1 year ago
Gold Gun
No Description

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1 year ago
Mummy Down
No Description

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1 year ago
Auto Smash 3D!
No Description

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1 year ago
Space Ball Blaster
No Description

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1 year ago
Crush aliens and get loots in this retro shooter with sci-fi setting.

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1 year ago
Sky Chopper
Try to shoot as many enemy forces as you can while trying to get to your homebase.

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1 year ago
Mushroom Madness 3
Defend more mushrooms from hungry animals. Now with 300% more enemies, weapons, explosions and fun!

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1 year ago
Stop a alien ninja invasion in this realistic WWI dogfight simulator.

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1 year ago
RP Ancient Survival
No Description

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1 year ago
Brick Revolution
No Description

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1 year ago
Toy Factory Bubble Shooter
No Description

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11 months ago
Captain Flamethrower
Burn down the children hospital in this action packed game that is perfect for the Holidays! (That was a joke).

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6 months ago
BonBon Foliz
Shoot your colored balls next to others of the same color to make 3 or more disappear.

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3 months ago
Quake Reloaded
\r\nRage through the 8 classic levels of sheer terror and fully immersive sound and lighting from the original Quake Shareware package. Arm yourself against the cannibalistic Ogre, fiendish Vore and indestructible Schambler using lethal nails, fierce Thunderbolts and abominable Rocket and Grenade Launchers.\r\nClick at the game screen to start. Use the mouse to look around and WASD to move. Press Control to shoot and Space to jump. You can also use the arrow keys to move.\r\nFrag monsters like in the old days with Quake Reloaded!\r\n

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2 years ago
Clown Vs Baloons
You\'ve got a crazy circus! Then you have to show how accurately you shoot from a bow. The task is simple, puncture all the balls. But not all so simple ... you will find a way to pierce the balls for the least amount of shots and as soon as possible.

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2 years ago
Bubble Fighting Tournament
You have to fight with the best 16 fighters from around the world. Get many points, bonuses and cups. Pop your enemys balloons to win the tournament!

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2 years ago
Hero In Distress
You have crashed in the forest and found out you\'re not alone, can you survive?Use the WASD/arrow keys to move, mouse to shoot, 1/2 - to switch weapons,In the search screen you can find new weapons, or fix your fortress,You must find 3 supplies pack in order to travel to another city.

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2 years ago
Ricochet Kills 2
No Description

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1 year ago
Click Battle
No Description

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1 year ago
Total Devastation
No Description

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1 year ago
Mad Tank
No Description

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1 year ago
No Description

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1 year ago
Far Hazard
Kill invaders. Protect the Earth. Shoot without missing to get bonuses, and earn a higher score.

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1 year ago
Adrian's BAttle Bots
Destroy all the enemy battle bots in each level to move on to the next level.

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1 year ago
Take control of a paper plane in two game modes, full of exciting battles against different enemies! Is not that enough for y...

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1 year ago
Hold The Line
Hold off bands of marauding stick-figures that would like nothing more than to see you die a horrible, horrible death.

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1 year ago
No Description

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1 year ago
Ghost Warfare
No Description

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11 months ago
Bowling King Online
Attempt to bowl as many strikes and get as close to that 300 score that is so desired.

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6 months ago
Drop Zone Turbo
Clear the cubes by shooting at the correct colours.

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3 months ago
Hanging Heart
Hit the bugs by using space bar which makes you lose your life and collect heart by which your score increases and you reach next level.

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2 years ago
Fascinating game in style a ricochet. Destroy all blocks beating off balls a shark. Learn force of the spark ball...

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2 years ago
Dream Of The Ocean
Use mouse to shoot.rnUse \"space\" key to reload.

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2 years ago
Virtual Ace Fighter Deluxe Edition
Do you remember those old aircraft arcade games? With Virtual Ace Fighter you will bring them to your memories.                                          You are in the middle of a war, the sky is full of enemies. Kill them all! Fight through 16 stages with 3 different game modes and defeat their bosses. Collect new weapons, drop bombs, and more...                                          You will have new experiences with the 2D/3D render effect included in this game.

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2 years ago
The Snow Runs Red
No Description

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1 year ago
Head Hunter: Super Sniper
No Description

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1 year ago
Stoneage Assassin 2
No Description

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1 year ago
Stickman Mafia
No Description

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1 year ago
Dr. Null
No Description

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1 year ago
Zen Blaster
Be calmed in the relaxing Zen Garden, whilst blasting your way to the topmost high score!Destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of the same colour.

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1 year ago
Space Skirmish M
Shoot all the incoming alien creatures and defend your tower at all costs. When it's gone it's over.

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1 year ago
Pirate City Archer Extreme 3
Pirates are attacking the city, and you must shoot your way through 15 levels to stop them!

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1 year ago
Armored War
An action game involving war between tanks. There are a number of tanks and a number of weapons with different characteristics.

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1 year ago
Zombie Alien Parasites (Parasite Strike) Hacked
Zombie Alien Parasites (Parasite Strike) Hacked - All upgrades are free.

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1 year ago
Extreme Shooting Adventure
Extreme shooting adventure is the kind of game that I can assure you it is an interesting one. If you play this game you will develop your skills so much that you will become a master in shooting. In this game you have to shoot different obstacles with this incredible gun. Bottles, barrels, parachutes and soldiers are just few of the things you have to shoot in order to win this game. Good luck!

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1 year ago
Dawn Of The Sniper 2
No Description

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11 months ago
Special Strike DLC 1
Choose your team then gun down the opposing team in this 3d online shooter.

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6 months ago
Master the bubbles Avoid being hit by the bouncing balls and try to destroy them all by shooting your harpoon. But be careful the balls split in two when you shoot them Enjoy 12 levels three difficulty modes several different powerups online highscores and the satisfaction of becoming a Bubble Master

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3 months ago
Cute Fluffy Weapons
Little Ted will get a kick out of this fun game. He\'s learning how to fly

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2 years ago
Choose your contestant and compete in the futuristic entertainment event of a lifetime. Death Racers.rnrnDrive using the arrow keys or WASD.rnrnCollect weapons and use them with E or the Space Bar.rnrnScore enough points to win each cup and eventually earn your freedom.rnrnGood luck!

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2 years ago
Flying Birds Hunter
Do your best to shoot as many flying birds as you can within the time frame. mouse to shoot.

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2 years ago
Black Space
Control your ship with mouse and blow up asteroids! Kill them with bullets, rockets, explosions. Upgrade your ship, purchase abilities. Game has survival and campaign modes.Controls:- use mouse to move your ship- press left mouse button to strafe- press 1, 2, 3 to activate abilities

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2 years ago
13 More Days In Hell
No Description

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1 year ago
Sputnik Blitzkrieg
No Description

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1 year ago
Bit.Gun II
No Description

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1 year ago
Burning Skies
No Description

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1 year ago
No Description

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1 year ago
Daymare Invaders
Daymare Town has been attacked by invaders from the fog. Save the city!

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1 year ago
Bomber Jet
Shoot everyone in the Enemy Territory. Collect bonuses for health and laser bullets.

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1 year ago
Frantic Chain
one click to make chain destroyer!!!

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1 year ago
Absolute Zero
Destroy alien ships and rescue stranded astronauts in this multi missioned space shooter.

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1 year ago
Sky Battles-Multiplayer
Dog fight against friends around the world in this 3D multiplayer flying shooter.

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1 year ago
Battle Tanks
Battle Tanks is a simply designed 3D Tank game. You are a lone tank on the war path with only your ranking Officer to give you your orders. The battlefield is made of simple 3D Squares and Triangles. Use your radar to find enemy tanks to destroy, see who is firing at you and pickup the power-ups left behind after an enemy tank is destroyed. These power-ups replenish tank armour, increase your power and speed etc. The game is level based and as you progress, the enemy gets bigger, stronger and more cunning.

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1 year ago
Ben 10 Omniverse
No Description

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11 months ago
Terror Trench
Your enemy is advancing on your trench and you need to put up a last line of defense to protect yourself. Shoot down airplanes and other armies by using your missiles and torrents. How long can you survive in this terror based defense game?

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6 months ago
Dirty Rotters
Shoot the correct players.

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3 months ago
POD Fighter
A fast-paced, retro-style, top-down view shooting game. Defeat wave after wave of incoming enemy ships and become the ultimate pod fighting champion!

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2 years ago
Night Terrors
Story:\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nSome new medicine you took had some nasty side effects.\r\nOnce the effect kicks in your dreams will turn into horrible nightmares.\r\nIn which you have to fight for your life against a horde  of evil rotten spirits from the grave.\r\nLost and alone in places that seem familiar.\r\nYour biggest fear becomes reality and there is no telling when you will wake up from this endless Horrible nightmare.\r\nArmed with a gun you will face the most disturbing night of your life.\r\nand you better be ready for what will be coming for you!\r\nHave a pleasant dream.\r\n.....It could be your last one!\r\n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nScreenshots of Night Terrors:\r\n---------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nThumbnails can be made on request\r\n  \r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n(This games contains violence and gore\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n* 3 Modes (Nightmare Mode / Survival Mode / 2Player Battle Mode)\r\n* 1 Player story mode game.\r\n* 1 player survival mode (Fight for online highscores)\r\n* 2 Player Battle mode (Who can survive the terror and who will die)\r\n* Complete Nightmare mode to unlock survival mode (High scores)\r\n* 25 Evil rotten spirits to deal with (Hidden in different levels)\r\n* Different Settings / backgrounds.\r\n* Multiple horror levels.\r\n* Story Cut scenes.\r\n* Special horror effects.\r\n* Insane Screaming/Laughing effects that will drive you crazy.\r\n* High scores online.\r\n* Creepy Music (By David F Burrows)\r\n* Black and white visuals.\r\n* Old school hardcore shooting.\r\n* Evil fog effect to set the a creepy atmosphere.\r\n* High detail graphics.\r\n* Hidden objects in the game.\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nControls:\r\n-------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n- Use the mouse to control the cursor.\r\n- Left mouse button to shoot.\r\n- Aim for the heads to kill a spirit.\r\n- Spirits can disappear without shooting them.\r\n- Find the reload object to reload your gun.\r\n- Timing is of the essence.\r\n- 2 player Battle controls (W.A.S.D (V) / Mouse.\r\n------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nCredits:\r\nGame design/programming - Ben Aprigliano.\r\nE-mail:\r\nMusic -David Burrows.\r\n 

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2 years ago
Monster Destroyer
Destroy all monsters, no mercy.

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2 years ago
Mecharon 2: Survival
This top down shooting game is a remake of the original. The last Mecharon is out to survive. You must fight off all the waves of enemy warriors and protect your base.

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2 years ago

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Roller Coaster 83

Romantic 9933

Rome 75

Room Decoration 567

Rooms 6680

RPG 6387

Rugby 93

Runner 789

Running 4475

Rush 1845


Sailing 159

Salon 1661

Samurai 350

Santa 2189

Scary 2163

School 2453

School Bus 110

Scramble 172

Sea 5749

Search 13138

Serving 3917

Shark 423

Sheep 388

Shift 255

Ship 2265

Shoe 648

Shoot 'Em Up 38606

Shooter 22741

Shooting 39131

Shootout 352

Shopping 3440

Shot 989

Sick 228

Silly 3771

Simulation 2298

Skate 921

Skateboarding 653

Skiing 394

Skill 22942

Skull 228

Sky 8969

Skydiving 28

Slacking 632

Slice 364

Sliding Puzzle 335

Smashing 761

Snail 244

Snake 724

Sniper 1835

Snooker 113

Snow 2837

Snowball 257

Snowboarding 428

Soccer 2652

Social 260

Soldier 827

Solitaire 856

Spa 1942

Space 10856

Spaceship 2181

Spades 15

Spartan 50

Speed 2612

Speed Car 112

Spelling 387

Spider 433

Spider Solitaire 42

Sports 23031

Spot The Difference 1139

Spring 922

Spying 248

Stacker 142

Star 3197

Stickman 2419

Store 709

Story 1240

Strategy 23708