Free Alien Games

Free Alien Games

Alien Invader
You have been assigned to invade the planet Earth and destro...

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3 years ago
The year of war has come, along with all consequences to man...

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3 years ago
Battle Epsilon
Tired of main stream vertical space shooters? Well Battle Epsilon is here for you! Play as a space sergeant and defend your Flag Ship from alien attacks with the help of your squad.

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1 year ago
Transformers Prestige
A long time ago, on the planet of Cybertron, an alien war was being waged between the two races of robots: the hero Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the evil Decepticons commanded by Megatron. Over the centuries, the Decepticons succeeded in seizing control of Cybertron, forcing the Autobots to operate from their new city on Planet Earth. Guide Transformers robot leader through the dangers of the Planet Earth\'s catacombs to acquire primary sources of energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron.

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3 years ago
Alien Attack 3D
No Description

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1 year ago
Ben 10 Demon Hunter
No Description

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1 year ago
Batman Revolutions
Aliens suddenly launch a brutal surprise attack on Gotham city! Help Batman make his way through waves of alien drones and destroy the ALIEN BOSS!Cheat code at:

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2 years ago
Take a poignant walk through the life of an alien caught in the midst of humanity.\r\nThis is a game that you may not consider to be a game. It won\'t tell you whether you won or lost. You won\'t level up or defeat the final boss. It\'s short. It\'s simple. You might not get anything out of it at all.\r\nBut I hope that you do.

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2 years ago
Sheep Vs Aliens
It\'s revenge time! Launch your sheep and blow up the aliens in this fun puzzle shooting game featuring 30 challenging levels.

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2 years ago
Tripod Attack
Humanity is a virus that occupied this poor planet. They replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy their environment. Its time to clean up!Use mouse to burn enemies. Note that you can burn projectiles too.

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2 years ago
Cow Abduction
Use the mouse to put the cows in the portal before time runs out!

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2 years ago
Alien Fury
No Description

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2 years ago
Automaton 2015
A UFO has lands near Area 51, ready to attack America\'s most secret military compound... and to take back the flying saucer that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.Destroy the UFO threat as it sends a steady stream of plasma shooting, giant robots towards your air force base.Take down the enemy with your machine gun and missiles, or even ram them if you get desperate enough.Z or / for fire gunsX or . to fire MissilesArrow Keys or WSAD to FlySpacebar to Dodge

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2 years ago
Ivan Vs Mutants: CE
Game info:rnGame Name: Ivan vs Mutants : CErnrnDescription: You live in far north. Sometime you see strong light in sky. After that all around you gonna crazy, and tons of monster want to eat you.rnrn Full Name: Ivan vs Mutants - Chilled edition.rnrn Instructions:rn The game is to kill all the monsters that create aliens.rn With each level you will be attacked by a terrible monster and more huge.rn Movement of the standard WASD and aim with the mouse.rnrn Tips:rn - BONUS! 10000 coins on FunnyMonster.Net and 3D4udovishe.Com ONLY!rn - Upgrade pistol. (it will shoot faster. You can save ammo of other weapons).rn - Buy -Loot-. (from monsters drops more gifts).rn - Buy -Armour-.rn - The most feared and powerful monsters to freeze up close and go for a break or a quick switch weapons and shoot them, that would break the ice.rn - Buy a first aid kit and make it to upgrade.rn - Energy line is:rn Red = very little energy.rn Green = 100 percent.rn Blue = 200 percent.rn - When you upgrade weapons increases the speed, power and number of bullets.rn - When upgrading med kit expands on the number of energy recharged up to 200 percent (increases up to the blue line of energy).rn - To look at all levels on the map it is possible moving only on the passable levels.rn - Fences can be broken grenades and rockets.rn - Closer to the 10th level modernize speed of the character, differently it will be heavy to you to turn aside from monsters letting out rockets.rnrn Controls:rn Change weapon: Spacebar or Shift. (Use mouse to highlight needed weapon. It will be selected after you release the button mouse.).rn Aim: Mouse.rn Fire: Left click mouse (Ctrl, Numpad 0).rn Move: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys (Z,S,Q,D).rnrn Shortcut keys:rn 1. Pistol.rn 2. Shootgun.rn 3. Autogun.rn 4. Mechinegun.rn 5. Grenade.rn 6. Cryogrenade.rn 7. Bazooka.rn 8. Cryogun.rn G, END: Throw grenade.rn H, Home, Enter: Medkit.rn E, Delete: Pistol shot.rnrnrn Pixels: 640x480.rn Size: 12.5 mb.rnrn Tags: Shooter, isometric flash game, action, war, aliens, ufo, snow, winter, siberia, snowman, ivan russian man, isoland.rnrn The game developed by a team 3D4udovishe.rn Powered ISOLand engine.

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2 years ago
Jetpack Jerome
Jetpack Jerome is a simple, yet addictive, flying game in which you take control of a charming, smooth-talking chap aptly named \"Jerome\". Jerome is equipped with his trusty hydrogen jetpack, which runs by quickly processing rain (or even stars) on contact. It\'s not all smooth sailing though, as you fight gravity and evade laser-firing aliens on your voyage to the moon.?\r\nUpdates\r\n07-05-2011 - Game approved for bidding.\r\n07-06-2011 - Added voice acting and fixed minor bugs.\r\n07-07-2011 - Added tidbits of polish and fixed minor bugs.\r\n07-07-2011 - Added pause functionality and instructions.\r\n07-09-2011 - Finished implementing Jetpack Jerome voice-overs, courtesy of Alex Elliott (BLACK JOHNNY QUEST)\r\n08-01-2011 - Sponsored by Armor Games!

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2 years ago
Alien Contact Jigsaw
Alien Contact Jigsaw is a brand new free online alien jigsaw game. The Aliens are here and they are trying to make a contact with us. But a man from the Earth has taken a picture of them and this picture you have to solve and to let the world see it. Solve this puzzle of the three funny aliens and prove the world that aliens rely exists. To play this game you have to drag the pieces into place using nothing else but your precious mouse. Once you have finished one level you can play the next level. Enjoy solving this fun and interesting alien puzzle. Have fun!

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2 years ago
Alien Attack SX3
Aliens are trying to land on earth! Shoot them down before they land.

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2 years ago
Alien Education
Lesson #1: We don\'t like Earthlings.

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2 years ago
Barnyard UFO
Help the curious aliens to abduct some animals and transport...

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2 years ago
Defend your fort against waves of evil aliens which are hell...

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3 years ago
Riddle School 5
You and your friends have been abducted by aliens on their s...

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3 years ago
Avengers Hero Vs Alien Robot
No Description

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10 months ago
Baby Pou Dentist Care
Baby Pou has eaten lots of sweets and candies now he has many decayed teeth bacteria and food stuck between them. Use your tools to make this cute little alien baby happy again.

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1 year ago
Obama Alien Defense
President Obama stars in this exciting game in which he defends against a huge alien invasion. Help the President battle the space aliens to save the world. Use the arrow keys to move and the Z button to shoot.

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3 years ago
Jessica Vs Aliens (Demo)
Jessica vs Aliens (Demo) is a run 'n gun arcade style game, a tribute to the old "Contra" from SNES.

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1 year ago
Mars Colony TD
The humans have finally established a settlement on Mars. But the red planet wasn't safe as aliens come to destroy the colony. Place defense towers to stop the invasion.

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1 year ago
Get Out!
You were traveling in space when you were hit by an asteroid.

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1 year ago
Ultimate Alien Rescue
Agreggor has hijacked an alien ship in hopes of stealing all of their powers and becoming unstoppable! Now it's up to you to ...

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1 year ago
Cosmo Kiss
Psyched for an interstellar smooching session?smooch your sweetie, but watch out don't let those sneaky alien spies catch you at

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1 year ago
Monsters Union
A cool alien puzzle game: can you help reunite a species and get rich while you're at it?

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1 year ago
Ben 10 Demon Hunter
In this mission Ben 10 have to find the way to escape this planet. Help Ben 10 destroy all monster on his way.

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1 year ago
Bomb The Aliens
No Description

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1 year ago
Ben 10 All Powers Jigsaw
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Shots 3
No Description

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1 year ago
Aliens: The Board Game
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Education
In this fun alien abduction and annihilation game, your obje...

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3 years ago
Pocket Platoon
Unfriendly minded aliens have declared war upon our human ra...

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3 years ago
Batman Xtreme Adventure 3
Help Batman to collect all coins and destroy enemies in this adventure game. You have 10 lives. Have Fun all the way !

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2 years ago
Poopies Trigger Happy
Load the cannons, adjust the aim and shoot down all happy po...

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2 years ago
Alien Clones
Be fast and accurate - defend yourself from the onslaught of alien clones.

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3 years ago
One Button Vania
Use the power of One Button, the mouse left click, to jump a...

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2 years ago
Spunky Vs. Aliens
It was a normal afternoon when alien force strike our planet...

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3 years ago
Rfiv Central Alien Agency
Rfiv Central Alien Agency Game free on - We are invaded by aliens and your ship is a wreck. You need to find a way to fix it and defend from attacks.

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3 years ago
Back To Alien Party
In this fun long distance game you play as an alien who has ...

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3 years ago
Solar Rift
Staying on one place will not help you, or repair your damag...

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3 years ago
Alien Ball
Fun platformer with nice 3D graphics.

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1 year ago
Click The Bolt
Click the Bolt and guide the little alien thru this candy ea...

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3 years ago
Sled Bash
Get to the spaceship first! Win each race to unlock the next level.

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1 year ago
Alien's Quest
A cute alien was captured by malevolent police.

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1 year ago
Xeno Defense
In Xeno Defense game earth is under attack and it's only hope is a lone gunman defending a remote research station.

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1 year ago
Ben 10 Alien Ultimate Baseball
A basebal game with fun Ben 10 as a protagonist.

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1 year ago
Alien Shots 2
No Description

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1 year ago
Academy Island
This cute little alien has visited our planet Earth, hoping ...

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3 years ago
Swing And Set Aliens In The Attic
a 2009 adventure family film starring Carter Jenkins, Ashley Tisdale, Robert Hoffman, Henri Young, Regan Young and Austin Butler.

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1 year ago
Ben 10 The Third Universe
This show is about a boy who finds an alien Omnitrix which turns him into 10 different aliens

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1 year ago
Project First Strike
Travel through corridors, shoot down enemies, destroy the nuclear reactors and kill the boss.

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1 year ago
Hungry Space
Eat smaller alien to be able to grow! Avoid being eaten by bigger alien!

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1 year ago
Alien Shooter
Shoot as many aliens as you can without getting shot.

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1 year ago
Star Ladder
Prevent the aliens from invading your planet by throwing stars on the correct ladder. Use bomb when they are too many.

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1 year ago
Alien Bounce
With the help of catapult, help your alien to fly as far as possible.

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1 year ago
Blinky's Quest
Help Blinky take back his planet.

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1 year ago
Alien Terminator
Terminate all the nasty bugs, just keep moving and clicking.

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1 year ago
Scattered Bolts
Help the alien who has crashed landed on a vibrant planet.

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1 year ago
You're driving in a yellow beetle whilst you have to shoot attacking aliens with notes.

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1 year ago
Space Flight
Fly and beam up the aliens, then land carefully on the pad. Don't drop the aliens.

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1 year ago
Doctor Ku Alien Room
That's quite some critter you've got in the attic! Now, get it out!

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1 year ago
Alien Anarchy
Battle hordes of evil humans in this crazy defense game! Alien Anarchy is here, and it is a bloody good time! Arm yourself to...

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1 year ago
Sky Patrol
The sky is buzzing with aliens! Take flight in your fighter craft and destroy as many alien ships as humanly possible.

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1 year ago
Jelly Alien
This gooey creature really needs to pull itself together...

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1 year ago
Ben 10 Vs Alien Memory Balls
This is a very simple memory game.

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1 year ago
Space Odyssey
Travel to the planets in this Klondike solitaire game with a twist.

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1 year ago
Mission 33
You are their hope... You are their only chance... If you fail them you fail your purpose... You are Unified Galaxies Government (UGG) best man for this will be your 33rd mission...but it will be the hardest one.

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1 year ago
Bomb Them!
Bomb the cute evil chickens off the screen in this 15 levels physics game!

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1 year ago
Defend your base from the alien ships using guns and turrets.

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1 year ago
Charles Against The Aliens Invasors
The world is in danger, but you can save it with Charles.

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1 year ago
Alien Bubbles Shooter
Shoot and gather three or more similar color Alien Bubbles to earn score.

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1 year ago
Click Defense
Somewhere in a distant galaxy an evil emperor leads his green hordes, attacking all planets he can reach.

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1 year ago
Alien Siege
Alien Siege is a modern space invaders style arcade shooter, in which an alien spaceship attacks Earth.

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1 year ago
Move or shoot items that block your way. Chase down your girlfriend octopus as you solve puzzles.

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1 year ago
We Are Friends
Help the group of 3 aliens escape the trap in each new scene. Help one another to survive.

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1 year ago
Back To Earth
Click on items to combine them to aid you in your escape. Take care of big aliens to escape scenes.

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1 year ago
Kidnapped By Aliens 2
Second episode of this point and click escape game from Flonga.

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1 year ago
Black Lights
The small town was attacked by aliens.

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1 year ago
Death Rush
In the action shooter Death Rush it is your task to run and jump over city rooftops chasing alien enemies.

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1 year ago
Alien Thief
Collect for as many animals as you can.

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1 year ago
Green Terror
Shoot the alien, but keep the spaceman alive in this gravitational pull, ball shooting game.

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1 year ago
Star Appocalypse
Place buildings and towers as you build troops to defeat the enemy base across the screen.

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1 year ago
Scared Alien
Alien is scared of the evil tomatoes and rest of this crazy world. Drop objects on the alien and push it to the swirling portal.

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1 year ago
Alien Bob
Change gravity to move the character

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1 year ago
Alien Crush Saga Match 3 Game
Talking part from the Match 3 games family, Alien Crush Saga produced by reinvents the match-free game, with a more extraterrestrial settingrnrnHow to playrnrnMatch 3 aliens of the same color and shape to release them. Match more aliens for more bonuses. Try to get a higher score to advance to the next level. Bombs blow away everything around them. The STAR blows the entire row and column. White stripes over the planets blow away vertically or horizontally the entire row or column.

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1 year ago
Submarine Vs. Aliens
No Description

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1 year ago
Joe The Alien
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Attack SX3
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Rover
No Description

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1 year ago
Monsters Union
No Description

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1 year ago
Be Alien
No Description

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1 year ago
Galactic Cats
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Bubbles Shooter
No Description

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1 year ago
Central Alien Agency
No Description

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1 year ago
Mr Gunface
No Description

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1 year ago
City Siege 4 - Alien Siege
No Description

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1 year ago
No Description

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1 year ago
Back To Earth
No Description

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1 year ago
Cryo Mayhem
No Description

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1 year ago
I'm Awesome
No Description

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1 year ago
The Explosive Squad
No Description

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1 year ago
Blast It Of
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Ship Exploder
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien TD
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Pop The Planet
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Invader
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Loves Hamburgers
No Description

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1 year ago
Alien Discipline
Lay down some Alien Discipline and drop the hammer on some misbehaving critters! Avoid their teeth and explosives to score as many points as you can! Intense action Fast-paced gameplay Spare the rod, spoil the alien!

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3 years ago
Play Out Of This World On will bring you a new action shooting flash game, Out of this World.Aliens kidnapped your girlfriend so, you must to rescue her.

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3 years ago
Super Invaders
Exciting colorful shooter with sole heroic tank defending Earth from alien invasion. Collect coins and upgrade your tank to reach alien boss ship and destroy it! Inspired by Space Invaders, includes many types of UFO, weapons and upgrades.

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3 years ago
Knock, knock! Who is there? The Apocalipseed of destruction ...

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3 years ago
Ultimate Gear War
Buckle up your defensive gear and strive into battle against...

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3 years ago
Brink Of Alienation Substance
The "interactive comic" is finally complete! For those who love flash like "broken saints," you will love this new addition t...

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1 year ago
Thimblebump's Quest For Neptune
Reaching Neptune, the farthest planet around, is even unthin...

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3 years ago
Help Zim get ready in conquering the world.

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1 year ago

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Rocket 1391

Roller Coaster 87

Romantic 10471

Rome 77

Room Decoration 602

Rooms 7474

RPG 6530

Rugby 94

Runner 826

Running 4758

Rush 1939


Sailing 169

Salon 1813

Samurai 369

Santa 2254

Scary 2198

School 2718

School Bus 119

Scramble 177

Sea 6345

Search 14017

Serving 4041

Shark 444

Sheep 400

Shift 264

Ship 2372

Shoe 683

Shoot 'Em Up 40303

Shooter 23567

Shooting 40833

Shootout 361

Shopping 3833

Shot 1000

Sick 232

Silly 3887

Simulation 3079

Skate 957

Skateboarding 679

Skiing 424

Skill 25933

Skull 232

Sky 9365

Skydiving 28

Slacking 747

Slice 368

Sliding Puzzle 335

Smashing 775

Snail 255

Snake 750

Sniper 1937

Snooker 115

Snow 3028

Snowball 264

Snowboarding 436

Soccer 2791

Social 307

Soldier 834

Solitaire 899

Spa 2106

Space 11237

Spaceship 2259

Spades 15

Spartan 52

Speed 2642

Speed Car 115

Spelling 397

Spider 446

Spider Solitaire 45

Sports 23594

Spot The Difference 1139

Spring 1015

Spying 259

Stacker 146

Star 3296

Stickman 2604

Store 725

Story 1289

Strategy 24284