Free Avoiding Games

Free Avoiding Games

Arrow keys to move up and down.Collect gears to make your score increase faster. Survive for as long as possible without crashing to set a high score.

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2 years ago
5 Alive
Avoider games are too easy with just 1 playable character. Try avoiding the incoming lasers controlling 5 different blocks!\r\nClick and hold to drag a block to the desired spot. You have 5 blue blocks you must keep out of the lasers sights. Lasers will be coming from the top and the right and shoot beams that span the length of the screen, be careful! Press P to pause and M to mute the music.

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2 years ago
Cake Boy
Cake boy is hungry. Help him eat as many cakes as possible!\r\nInstructions:\r\n- Move the mouse to guide Cake Boy Around.\r\n- Eat the cakes to earn points.\r\n- The Bigger you are the more points you will gain.\r\n- Avoid the bees or lose a life\r\n- Drink potions to become smaller again, but your points multiplier will be reset.\r\n \r\n 

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2 years ago
Skywire 2
The objective to skywire is to guide this fun little tram ar...

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3 years ago
Bombay Taxi
In this ridiculously addictive game your task is to choose b...

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3 years ago
Solar Ball
The goal is to launch the solar ball to go into the exit pum...

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3 years ago
Rocket Rush 2
Fly a rocket through a challenging mission filled with obsta...

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2 years ago
Save Me Ultimate
Save the people jumping from the burning building! A new episode in our classic Save Me series.

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2 years ago
Elevatorz 2
Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all the floors within the time limit, while avoiding the elevators. But this time there are 5 buildings, with each a different objective!\r\n \r\nInstructions: Use the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to start running. You can\'t stop running unless you bump into an elevator, or reach the ladder. But you can turn back to avoid a collision.Use P to pause, S to toggle the sound, and escape to end the game.

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2 years ago
Mr. Bree - Returning Home
Mr. Bree has lost his memory and forgot the way home! Now you gotta help him return home! For that, Mr. Bree needs to travel through the deepest and deadliest places, recovering his forgotten movement skills, and avoiding death at all cost while hoping to meet his family again.5 Secret levels4 Game modesOriginal music scoreOver sixty achievementsPut your gamer skills to test!Feel the joy of helping a householder pig into returning home to his family!Original Soundtrack available on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes!Bandcamp: : : Mr. Bree and other updates follow us at Twitter: through our facebook page:

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2 years ago
Park My Caravan
rnrnControls:rnArrows = DrivernSpacebar = BrakernX = Caravan coupling/ uncouplingrn

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2 years ago
Supermax is a stealth adventure game with a very arcade-ish feel. The protagonist wakes up in a prison cell without any idea how he got there. He finds the key to his cell, and decides to make an escape attempt. Now, he must pass all the prison guards in order to escape alive.

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2 years ago
Flubble Bubble
Use the mouse to help Flubbles the monkey collect lots of juicy apples.  Avoid the bombs, which gets more tricky as you get fatter!  Collect bananas to make you small again!

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2 years ago
Heli General
Heli General - Helicopter Game, use your awesome flying skills to navigate in the future while collecting gems and avoiding any flying gears.

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2 years ago
Devil And Angel
This unlikely couple are trying to hook up in the heavens, but with all of the angels hanging around, you\'re literally playing with fire and a little bit of brimstone, too! You\'ll need to time out the make out session while the surrounding cherubs are busy. Otherwise, you\'ll be kicked out of heaven, and the devil\'s definitely not worth it!

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2 years ago
Worm Heroes
Hungry piranhas are approaching to Wormtown. Every month those piranhas kill and eat a lot of worms but now you can change that situation.Scientist worm have an incredible crazy machines to defeat the enemies. Those machines convert apples in a special food for the piranhas.  Help our heroes! Be a hero!\r\nGame Features:\r\n- 40 levels to complete- Addictive gameplay- 4 different worm heroes - Different ways to resolve the puzzles- Fun and surprising story- High replayability- Ingame tips- Easy controls- Achievements to achieve- Special items to unlock- Original music- Fast ingame tutorial- Website with walktrhough, tips and more...

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2 years ago
The Base Jumper
Jump from the cliff and soar as far as you can! Sail as far and wide as you can by launching parachutes and collecting power-ups and avoiding black stars. After each level you are able to buy some upgrades. The goal of the game is to get all upgrades and achievements. If you hit the ground, the game is over!rnrnControls:rnMouse = Start/ Open parachute

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2 years ago
High Demand
Use your mouse to move Johnny, and collect things that Henry demands. Avoid everything else, including exploding bombs. Careful, it\'s not as easy as it sounds.

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2 years ago
Always A Bigger Fish
Instruction Movement: Arrow Keys\r\nGoal: Avoid larger red blocks while capturing smaller green blocks.\r\nGame Mechanics: The end goal is to become the largest block around. To grow inside you must absorb all blocks of a smaller size. Avoid block larger than yourself as they will absorb you.\r\nMenu Guide: Start: starts a new game Instruction: shows some in game instructions retry: restarts the last level you reached\r\nLevel Guide: There are 4 levels of increasing difficulty. Difficulty is increased by reducing the amount of small blocks and increasing the amount of larger blocks.

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2 years ago
Help The Pilot
Be carefull with your plane! You need to avoid the birds. They could damage the plane and make you crash!Instructions :Don\'t hit the birds.Click to go up. Click Again to go down.Try to get maximum score!

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2 years ago
Hungry Fish
Eat the small red fish, avoid the bigger fish and avoid the sinking pianos!

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2 years ago
Death RC
Get your remote controlled car and destroy all enemies. Collect money and upgrade your car and your weapon. Win all 20 levels!

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2 years ago
Astro Runner
 \r\nAstro Runner\r\nStory: You are a member of the elite ‘Astro Runner’ squad(defenders of the peace, weapons of the brave, hope for the hopeless). While on your latest mission your ship’s guidance systems failed leaving you to navigate the treacherous Asteroid Belt with nothing but your wits and a few charges. Death is undoubtedly your fate. How long will you survive?\r\nControls: Move the ship using your mouse Once you have earned a charge, detonate by left-clicking your mouse (Charges are earned as your score progresses)\r\n 

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2 years ago
The Orb Mission
Aliens have infested the earths orbiting solarpowerplatforms with power-draining plagues. Your mission is to destroy those plagues with an power orb by touching them while avoiding enemy fire.You steer the orb with your mouse and try to destroy all plagues by touching them.While doing this, you must be careful not to fall off the platforms.Also you have to avoid getting hit by enemy spaceship fire.You have some shields, that you can activate with left mouse click, to protect you from enemy fire.Occasionally you will find extra lives and additional shields on the platforms.

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2 years ago
Bumble About
Bumble flies towards the mouse pointer as quickly as possible.First collect the airborne pollen then collect nectar from the flowers and take it to the hive door. Collect all available nectar to complete a level. The more nectar Bumble delivers to the hive at once the more points are scored...but the more Bumble carries the slower Bumble flies. Avoid the unfriendly garden spiders.  They\'ll make Bumble drop what Bumble is carrying - or even worse kill Bumble. The game is over when Bumble runs out of nectar to collect or when he hits a spider whilst not carrying any pollen or nectar.

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2 years ago
Dark Forest
It was already dark, and children didn't go home. As a result without having found a way out of the wood they got under magic charms. Now only thanks to new abilities our heroes have a chance to get out of the forest. Player 1: Arrow keys to move and jump, L to shoot. Player 2: WASD to move and jump, L to shoot. Space to switch characters.

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2 years ago
UFO Mission
Pink sheep can run. A / D or arrow keys to move.

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2 years ago
Long Tongue
Throw your tongue and eat all bones and fish bones. rnBe careful with bombs and ice cubes.rn

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2 years ago
Crash Christmas
There was a time when Santa was young and energetic. But, sooner or later, everybody grows old and so did our Santa. This year he overslept Christmas. You must help Santa to bring the joy of Christmas to every house. Use the arrow keys or A, W, D and Space to navigate Santa. Use the mouse to throw the presents into the lighted windows and to remove the enemies from your way. Improve skills of Santa (speed , jump height and throw distance) by getting achievements. Collect clothing to dress Santa - we do not want Santa to gain bad reputation, do we?

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2 years ago
The Ball
Use bonuses to disable cannons and get more points.Eat mushrooms to change your size.

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2 years ago
Uh oh Tremerz! Giant subterranean worms are terrorizing your town and it\'s up to you to save the townsfolk. Use the mouse to run left and right, click the mouse button to jump!

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2 years ago
Piano Avoider Mobile
No Description

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1 year ago
Yeee! Yeti Scramble!
Melody is hungry, and very absent minded. After a yeti crashed into a wagon shipping sausages, she ran out to collect as many as she can.Control Melody and help her avoid being run over by the many Yeti sliding about the snowy field.

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2 years ago
Fuel Up 2
Information: The aim of this game is to stay alive for as long as possible whilst avoiding asteroids and collecting point coins. Stars collected count as chips which can be used in the upgrade shop. The upgrade shop will appear every 60 seconds of game time, allowing you to take a break and buy interesting power-ups.Controls: The controls are simple to use... Arrow keys will move your space ship around the play area whilst the \"A\", \"S\" and \"D\" keys will activate the power-ups.Screenshots:\r\n \r\n

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2 years ago
Sugar Toast Runner
Run! Dodge the forks!\r\n

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2 years ago
Mini Avoider
Simply use your mouse to avoid the floating objects in the game!

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2 years ago
Carrot Crunch
DescirptionJumpJump is a rabbit and he likes carrots.The farmer is not happy when JumpJump eats his carrots.Help JumpJump eat as many carrots as possible.Avoid the stones thrown by the farmers children.\r\n \r\nControls:\r\nmove your mouse and JumpJump the rabbit will follow it.Remember JumpJump may not move as fast as you can move you mouse.

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2 years ago
Magick Kolobok
the hero of a fairy tale named Kolobok need help. Become a hero and drive round for all levels with a bunch of obstacles and dangers. Prepare to avoid enemies, swim in rivers and collect bonuses. Complete all levels and give Koloboks out of the forest

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2 years ago
Glue Knight
Glue your fingers into this game and have fun jumping and ru...

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2 years ago
Survive Popo
Collect coins while doing 60 in total missions, upgrading your character, using powerups and powerdowns, and have some serious fun.

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2 years ago
Fight the enemy space ships with the new space fighter UFO model AstroNix. Control the ship and collect upgrades while dodging the enemies. The ship is designed to shoot automatically!

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2 years ago
Paparazzi is totally addicting arcade game fun.rnrnYou are beloved paparazzi photographer. Keep in mind that the celebrity hates being photographed in public. She will take steps to prevent you from doing your job by trying to throw things at you to slow you down.rnrnYour mission is to capture exclusive photographs of the celebrity. Chase her and when you get close, hold down the Spacebar to snap your photos. You must capture enough photos to fill the yellow bar at the top of game screen. Use the arrow button to jump over these obstacles. If the celebrity gets too far away from you or if you run out of film, the game will be over.

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2 years ago
Baby Bomber
These babies want to destroy all toys by pushing tomatoes. Each level has 3 rounds, try to survive!rnrnControls:rnArrows/ WASD = Move (hold key to jump)rnSpacebar/ J = Push tomatoes

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2 years ago
Another cat is snared by the mysterious collar, and through 7 different modes, a new powerup system, and a range of new enemies, he tries to find a way back to his family. Can you help?\r\nClick Cat to get started, then move him with the mouse, collecting food for points, and power orbs which are used by left-clicking with the mouse. Touching enemies will kill Cat instantly, so be careful!

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2 years ago
Ninja Training
Your master sends you to his ultimate ninjutsu training - dodge the rocks and survive as long as you can!\r\nUse the Left and Right Arrow keys to move.

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2 years ago
Fleet Defender
This is an old school Galaxian style shooter with a twist. Your goal, instead of just looking out for yourself, is to protect the 3 transport ships that are at the bottom of the screen, as they make there way to a new space colony.rnSponsored by: Vabolt - Free Games

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2 years ago
Ninja Training
Your master sends you to his ultimate ninjutsu training - dodge the rocks and survive as long as you can!\r\nUse the Left and Right Arrow keys to move.

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2 years ago
Dare Jumping
Description:rnHow daring are you? Try jumping from a 1000 meter height into a bucket of water while avoiding all kinds of colorful objects.rnrnControls:rnSpacebar = JumprnArrows/ WASD = Move

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2 years ago
Chain Gang
Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Try to collect as many coins as you can while avoiding contact with the chain. Hearts replenish health points.

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2 years ago
Black Fish 1
a fish in the sea , be careful!\r\n use arrows to move the fish!

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2 years ago
Pop N\' Balls
Control a razor sharp spike in a could-be classic arcade game; popping balls and avoiding the ice critters. Purchase upgrades like a reduction in cursor size to get one step closer to being the greatest!

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2 years ago
A interesting retro-themed game where the player controls two glowing tails that create beautiful patterns. As the tails zip through their world, the player must make sure to avoid the malicious red bulbs and grab the glowing green bulbs at the same time! Survive for as long as you can in this tricky game of multitasking!

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2 years ago
Ball Avoider
Collect green tokens and avoid the red circles in this retro game.

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1 year ago
String Avoider Deluxe
Guide your long string to the end of the level and avoid walls, use scissors to cut it short for easier passage.

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1 year ago
No Description

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1 year ago
Next Avoider 2
No Description

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1 year ago
Avoid & Kill
No Description

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1 year ago
Avoid Those Enemies!
No Description

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1 year ago
Vivid Racers
Join the Vivid racers in their tournament. Take part in their amazing races. The grid and it's colors will guide you along the track of darkness. Including track editor to build your own custom race track.

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1 year ago
Foxy Racing
Control the foxy and survive for as long as possible.

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1 year ago
Cute Car Racer
Cute Car Racer is a free online car racing game in which you have to drive your yellow racing car on the road as far as you can. Avoid stones, blocks as it will finish your game and collect green balls to get more fuel so you can go more far. We hope you enjoy playing Cute Car Racer Game online. If you like Cute Car Racer Game online, don't forget to share it with your friends or social networks.

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2 years ago
Aliens! Ugly looking aliens, all over the place!! Aside thei...

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2 years ago
Bubble Slasher
Acid-filled bouncy bubbles are invading the one-eyed aliens ...

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2 years ago
Mind It
It doesn\'t get simpler than this!Mine the green rocks with the green drill and the purple rocks with the purple drill.Space bar changes drill head.Note the portal at the bottom of the pit, it\'ll reset your position but with the same velocity you entered i

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2 years ago
Paper Dodge
Run and jump to avoid falling rain and blocks and collect 4 powerups to survive as long as you can.Use the arrow keys (left / right / up) and be the best dodger.

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2 years ago
Pleiades: The Old Tale
Guide the Seven Sisters and escape Orion! Eventually escape monochromity through the only way!Space to return to menu,R to restart, M to mute, left mouse button to become invulnerable.

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2 years ago
Laser Crawler
Strategically crawl around through each stage while dodging lasers to reach the mysterious food source!

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2 years ago
System Savior
This is actually the second time I have posted this game on fgl.  However it underwent major graphics changes, and a name change.  Hope you like it =)

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2 years ago
Swing your ball around while dodging squares in this addictive and original game!

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2 years ago
Attack Of The Buggles!
Collect the timed boxed with your mouse while avoiding the angry redBuggles. Grab the super-powered green Buggle to turn the tables andeat the reds! Activate bullet time to get that extra edge and wriggleout of tight squeezes.\r\n

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2 years ago
Asteroid Evasion
The ship follows the mouse.\r\nany keyboard input = pause\r\nleft mouse click = turbo boost\r\npickups lose point value over time, so grab them quickly!\r\n \r\nWork to complete:\r\ncreate website and update ingame links.

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2 years ago
Circle Zap
Move clockwise around the circle, as fast as you can with your mouse pointer. Race the purple time-out line, avoid the generated obstacles, and score a point for each lap.

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2 years ago
Pimp My Ship
An extraordinary voyage around the world... and beyond!Avoid perilous enemies... or fight them head on!Collect wonderful treasures... and improve your airship!

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2 years ago
Hell break out in the city. they take your only love... The donut!rnNow you are rely pissed off end you gonna kick them realy hard in the ass!rnrn8 different weaponsrn3 different level + endless mode with high-scorern3 Epic Boss battlernstunning sundtrackrn

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2 years ago
Your goal is to reach the ground. During your flight through a floating city you come across buildings, trains, cars, balloons, cranes, and bad-tempered robots. Try to collect as many coins und power-ups as possible to increase your score.The key: The longer you don\'t hit an obstacle, the faster you will be. If you reach a certain speed, you can destroy obstacles.

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2 years ago
Love is a unique and relaxing high-score game where you risk getting hurt to gather happiness. It features an interactive soundtrack that is entirely directed by the player\'s actions.You only need your mouse to play, stay close to as much rotating squares as possible but don\'t touch them.

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2 years ago
Space Disposal
You are the new commander of the space disposal unit!Your mission is to guide the missile safely through different hazardous areas of the mothership, collect and dispose all the nuclear waste in the disposal chamber.Avoid walls, lasers, acid drops, security drones and other obstacles!Controls:Use arrows, WASD or mouse to control your space disposal missile!\r\n \r\n

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2 years ago
The Line Game: Lime Edition
The Line Game is back with a new level set: challenge yourself with the Lime levels!Guide your trail of lime through fiendish caves, avoiding obstacles as you go.We have improved several aspects of the game over the last edition as per user requests as well as having many new twists in the levels.\r\nThe game has just been released with a primary sponsor: notdoppler. It is now available for API integration and non-exclusive licenses. Feel free to add it to your games portal also.

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2 years ago
Tart Jump
Sweet and incomprehensible creation nicknamed Mr. Tart need your help in his dangerous journey. Help Mr. Tartu in his dangerous adventure. Overcome the abyss and dangerous obstacles in its path, and complete all the levels. Arrow keys to move and jump with mr. Tart, WASD to move and jump with his friend.

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2 years ago
Bubble Slasher
Acid-filled bouncy bubbles are invading the one-eyed aliens world. Grab your harpoons and stand against these brainless enemies as their annoying bounces are not only unbearable, but also dangerous if they come in touch with alien forms of life, which is you. Just like in the 2 players retro game known as Pang, your job is to shoot down the bouncy balloons and pop them in half till they disappear from the face of your alien world. Have fun completing all 10 stages and good luck playing under the timer mode.

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2 years ago
Hedgehog Cute
Rotate worlds and help the Cute Hedgehog to get back to its ...

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2 years ago
Swing Copter
Swing the Swing Copter through a flying set of obstacles and...

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2 years ago
Space Square Avoider
You have to avoid squares to fly as far as it is possible. Use the left mouse button to accelerate.

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2 years ago
Shoot and avoid balls, and get as many points as you can.rnrnLeft and Right Arrows to move, Z to shoot and M to toggle sound.rn There are three types of item: +250 points, +1 life and Rapid Fire Mode. rn Read more in game.

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2 years ago
Present Eater
Merry Christmas! During this Christmas season, eat all the presents you can with the Present Eater! Using A/D or Left/Right Arrow keys, aim the present eater and Launch it using Space bar! You can still use A/D or Left/Right to control it. Each launch, you will produce a clone. Eat the presents, avoid your own clones. Also avoid Bombs!

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2 years ago
Sugar Crash: Hyper Deluxe
Use your mouse to guide the hummingbird or bumblebee into fruit while avoiding hazards. Click to activate your secondary movement type: boost for bee, brake for bird.

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2 years ago
Yellow Specimen
Your collection tube extends from the middle. You control the game by moving the mouse. Touch yellow specimens to collect them. Touch green specimens to destroy blue ones. Blue specimens may not be touched.

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2 years ago
Shoot and avoid balls, and get as many points as you can.rnrnLeft and Right Arrows to move, Z to shoot and M to toggle sound.rn There are three types of item: +250 points, +1 life and Rapid Fire Mode. rn Read more in game.

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2 years ago
Santa Blast
Get Santa as high as possible in this cute Xmas skill game just like Doodle Jump. Use mouse to move and use your TNT for extra boosts, collect stuff and don\'t fall off the screen!

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2 years ago
Space Shift
You are trapped within an asteroid field and your mission in Space Shift is to survive as long as possible.rn Collect the blue balls to increase your score and to get slow motion points. rnUse these slow motion points by clicking on the mouse to slow the asteroids down. rnSometimes a spiral appears after picking up the balls. rnMove in the center of this spiral as the astroids flying into it will get destroyed.rnUse your mouse to controll your cube.

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2 years ago
Fluff Rush
3 Game Modes - Reject Mode, Catch Mode and Rush ModernrnUnlock the 3 Posh Hats to give your Fluffs some stylern8 Achievements to Unlock!rn

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2 years ago
Eye Of The Storm
Avoid debris and other obstacles as you try and survive in the storm of the century!rnArrow Keys or WASD to move, jump and duck.rnEDIT: Added sound effects

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2 years ago
Detention Makeout Session
You were sent to detention for making out in class, and here you are again about to make out during detention! That\'s very naughty, but that also makes it fun! Be careful that no one sees you. As you progress through the levels, more people are going to wonder what\'s happening in the back of the room

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2 years ago
Reddup 3
Reddit upvotes 3. Now the down votes only go horizontally and vertically. Get as many Reddit upvotes as you can avoiding the downvotes.

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2 years ago
Lightning Fish
Lightning Fish will pull you in with incredibly addicting fast paced action. Fun visuals and smooth framerate will keep you coming back for more.rnWith 15 in game achievements and global highscore boards, Lightning Fish offers tons of replay value.rnrnControls:rnrnMouse: Movement [collect the bubbles]rnLeft click: Activate Lightning Fish [If bar is flashing]rnRight click: MuternrnIn Lightning Fish, the faster you get the bubbles, the more points you receive. Your personal best score can be uploaded when the game ends.rnrnEnjoy!

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2 years ago
Space Rush
MOVE mouse to guide your ship, HOLD the left button to accelerate.

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2 years ago
Dodge the heavy snow. While the glacier shrinks!

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2 years ago
Mr Fat Snake
Speed through a tunnel avoiding oncoming obstacles and eat as many monsters as you can. Use the Up and Down Arrow keys to play.

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2 years ago
Get your Pepelaz through different fancy worlds of arty pixelscapes using your arrow keys. Dodge obstacles and collect all the coins before you enter the space gate!

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2 years ago
Avoidance 2
Control your blue character using the arrow keys. Avoid the red enemies or the current session is finished. This is an arcade style avoidance game. Highscores included!

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2 years ago
Avoid & Kill
Avoid & Kill is a simple mouse only game requiring simple strategic insight and a steady hand.rnrnPickup the blobs while avoiding the enemies. When the bonus spawn, pick it up and enter a frenzy to kill as many enemies as you can, but watch out as the timer runs out and you return to normal!

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2 years ago
Stay Yellow
You\'re a little yellow blockhead and you want to stay that way. Avoid the other blockheads who will splatter you with their color. Collect the jars of paint to restore your yellow color. Collect the jars of molasses to slow the other blockheads down. Pick up the shield to be invincible for a time. Avoid the Boss at all costs. Neither the shield or molasses affects him. Stay yellow for as long as you can.

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2 years ago
The World Ends In Hotdogs
An avoider game about hotdog stands falling from the sky! quick save yourself! rack up as many points as possible!

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2 years ago
Smart Bug
Addictive game to avoid. Please check with your ability to try to prevent insect and the other time you eat the leaves. Very very fun game.

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2 years ago
Oil Spill Escape
Try to escape a giant plume of oil that headed your way. To be successful you must eat as many smaller fish as possible to gain and keep speed. You also have to avoid rocks that come in your way. Don\'t hit them or you\'re done! A fun side scrolling skill game loosely based off of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Use arrow keys up and down to swim up and down. Use spacebar to select next screen in menus.

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2 years ago
Batman Soccer
Kick start Batman to play football! Try to avoid opponent players and reach the goal post. Collect powers given at different level.

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2 years ago
Pushzor is a game about life, a life where you always get pushed around. Pushed around by parents, neighbours, politicians. All of society is pushing you around. But youll show them that no matter how much they push you will prevail! You wont just lay down and die, oh no not you! Youll score the highest score ever scored and show society that you are the chosen one.

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2 years ago
Leonard Luckless
Oh noes, Leonard must run through the savannah without getting slaughtered by natives!

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2 years ago
Super Girl
There is a girl who can clear tiles in the game.She have to pass the level by clearing the specified number of tiles every level. When she passes the level, there will be a interesting riddle . You can get the answer of the riddle when you finish the next level.\r\nControl: Left / Right / Up /Down ARROW

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2 years ago
Sphere Avoider Variant 3
Avoid the green spheres, collect the gold ones. Mouse to move, m to mute, p to pause.

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2 years ago
Survival Fly
Survival Fly is a classic \"avoid\" type of action/skill game, where the player takes the role of a fly that has to survive as long as it can without getting caught by the frogs. The game contains a highscore system, which enables players to compete with each other.

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2 years ago
Dead Roads
Dodge your way to victory in this arcade driving game. Make sure not to hit incoming obstacles or you will be slowed down or even killed!\\r\\n\\r\\nDriving perfectly on a track will earn you a Gold Medal and improve your performance.\\r\\n\\r\\nControls:\\r\\nLeft/Right Arrows, A/D - change lane, \\r\\nSpace - speed boost, \\r\\nP - pause

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2 years ago
Power Vacuum
Help the atom recover it’s missing electrons! You only have 60 seconds to collect all 100.\r\nINSTRUCTIONS:\r\nClick once per level to attract the electrons.\r\nLead the electrons to the atom with your mouse.\r\nAvoid the white energy walls.\r\nYou have 60 seconds to collect all 100 electrons.

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2 years ago
Grape Crush
Find a safe spot in the mouth full of teeth where you won\'t get crushed!

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2 years ago
One Wheel Frenzy
This-is-madness! Mighty gravity force pulling you down and all that stuff is blocking your way. You have to learn to ride your one wheel bike quickly before losing your balance for good.\r\nYou play as a creepy circus clown trying to avoid all trash comming your way. As the game speeding up, keeping him on the track would be more difficult. Will you reach the apocalyptic Moon surface?\r\nThere are two game difficulties to choose from, normal and hard. In the hard one you can\'t jump but you get twice more points when you finished.\r\nInstructions: Use mouse to move around and click to jump. Keep your balance with A, D or arrow keys. Avoid obstacles, don\'t hit the ground and have fun!

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2 years ago
Shadow Snake
The snake is controlled by mouse. Just move your mouse and the snake will follow your movement. Avoid black demons on the level and self-intersections (drop armor in normal mode). Collect appearing sunshine pieces to charge the portal in the center of the room, open it and escape. Green pieces on the snake tail indicate your life bar. Don\'t loose all of the life points.

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2 years ago
Bubble Stars
It\'s a hard life for a bubble bound star. You\'re leaking precious air, so you have to pop the other blue bubbles to stay alive! Avoid the red bubbles who will be out to get you, and stay away from the mean fishies. Don\'t get cocky, some of these bubbles can be mean. Oh and there may be some green bubbles delivering goodies for you to help you on the way.

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2 years ago
Use your mouse and your mind to protect yourself (white ball) in various waves of enemies. Upgrades are available at the end of each level.\r\nHave fun!

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2 years ago
Parking Challenge
Master the art of parking a car in extremely tight spaces Your goal is to move each vehicle through the scene and park in the designated spot. You can steer around piles of junk and spare car parts to avoid damaging your ride

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1 year ago
Die In A Carpet Fire
The platform game Die in a Carpet Fire challenges you to use your Ninja abilities destroying the ghosts of the carpets. Established the carpets on fire to move forward to the following level. Have a good time!

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1 day ago

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Galaxy 7273

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Kitten 444

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Knight 999

Kung Fu 265


Launch 2100

Laundry 236

Legend 469

Life 1424

Line 1154

Lion 168

Logic 1974

Love 11135

Love Test 41


Madness 1541

Mafia 272

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Magnet 167

Mahjong 1434

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Makeover 43656

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Manga 195

Mania 1163

Manicure 761

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Ragdoll 374

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Roller Coaster 83

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Samurai 350

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Skate 921

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Skiing 394

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Skull 228

Sky 8977

Skydiving 28

Slacking 632

Slice 364

Sliding Puzzle 335

Smashing 763

Snail 245

Snake 726

Sniper 1837

Snooker 114

Snow 2840

Snowball 257

Snowboarding 428

Soccer 2653

Social 261

Soldier 827

Solitaire 858

Spa 1946

Space 10870

Spaceship 2183

Spades 15

Spartan 50

Speed 2615

Speed Car 112

Spelling 388

Spider 433

Spider Solitaire 42

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Spot The Difference 1139

Spring 924

Spying 248

Stacker 142

Star 3199

Stickman 2419

Store 710

Story 1242

Strategy 23721